Top 5 Sites For Independent Musicians

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There are a ton of great resources out there for independent musicians. I have listed below a few of my favorites!
Independent musician looks at music industry web sites

I try to spend at least 30-60 minutes a day doing this. Today’s music industry moves at hyper-speed, and if you are interested in making a living with music, you should consider doing the same. Naturally, I have found some favorites among the websites I visit. It certainly makes you more efficient if you have a few dependable and relevant go-to sources. In this case, I am really talking about sites that focus mostly on actionable career advice, and trend toward the marketing side of things. So here are my top 5 sites for independent musicians. You’re welcome!

Ari’s Take-

I just came across Ari Herstand recently, but have quickly became a big fan. He not only provides excellent advice for independent musicians, he does it with style, class, and a great sense of humor! Ari wrote this book, which is quickly becoming the bible for independent musicians. He also runs a site called Ari’s Take Academy, which provides online training for indie’s. His marketing was a convincing enough that I signed up for his Streaming & Instagram Growth class. So far, it has been excellent. I have not gotten through the whole thing, and my marketing campaigns that follow his method are not live yet. So, I will report back here with some results when I have them. His blog hosts a goldmine of vital information for the indie musician. Read it.

Cyber PR-

Ariel Hyatt has been in the business for more than 20 years, and it shows. Her website is another place to go when you want to get the skinny on effective strategies for independent musicians. She offers quite a bit of free information in her blog, and has a handy set of free guides & webinars available as well (email required, naturally). She and her team also provide for-hire marketing and PR services. Worth a look if you can afford it!

DIY Musician’s Blog-

The name says it all. CD Baby is certainly no stranger to the business of providing great information to indie artists. This blog publishes on the daily, and while there is a mixture of editorial and tutorial content, it is a valuable trove of good articles.

Music Think Tank-

Music Think Tank is another site that has been around for a long time. It consists of a large community of music bloggers and writers from all over the world. They cast a much larger net than the two sites mentioned above. Marketing is still a big category, but you will also find a wealth of information on many other music-industry-related topics.


Hypebot and MTT are now run by the same folks. While Hypebot is much more focused on music industry news from an editorial perspective, there are still plenty of “how-to” articles that provide great value. Besides, it is important to stay up on what is happening in the industry at large.

So there you have it.

These would generally be my top 5 sites for independent musicians. I am sure there are a ton of others that are good, feel free to leave links in the comments.

Now go and make some music!

Matt Singleton

Matt Singleton

Father, husband, writer, musician, record producer. Student of the warrior spirit. Founder of SMTM Records.

2 Responses

  1. Update II: Since this article was written, I have discovered IMO, by far the best resource out there for independent artists. Do yourself a favor and go there now. There is a metric ton of invaluable free content. It is also a vibrant community of like-minded Indies. Highly recommended!

  2. Update: I have been running some of the ATA campaigns for one of my artists for about a year now. While having some success, I now believe that you have to be extremely careful about how you go about this type of marketing. All too easy to reach for penny streams that cloud your data with click-farm and bot traffic. Plus, those streams pay at the lowest end of the Spotify scale, which is extremely low to begin with.

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