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Cphonic Mastering

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Matt on countless amazing albums over the years. There are many things you can bet on when Matt is handling a project—first off, it will sound amazing, as he has the technical expertise to get the perfect recording every time. Second, he is a superb musician, writer, and performer- the arrangements are always spot on, and he knows how to create hits. And last but not least, his projects always rock! He’s an ‘old school’ engineer who knows how to make a song hit you in the chest in just the right way.

Kevin McNoldy , Owner

Artist Accelerator

Matt Singleton has the dual quality of being driven AND talented. He is a thoughtful and articulate goal keeping go-getter. I recommend Matt without hesitation.

Shane Adams , President

Digital Bear Entertainment

Matt is an exceptional musician, songwriter, and engineer. I have had the pleasure of working with him in most of these capacities over the years. His productions are top notch and his songwriting stellar. I look forward to continuing to work with Matt in the future

Jordan Tishler , President

Wrinkle Neck Mules

Matt is a great songwriter who knows what he wants from his musicians. He gives great direction during the recording process and understands that being comfortable in the studio is key to getting great performances. He not only demonstrates technical proficiency in the studio as an engineer and as a musician, but he has a musical sensitivity that really shines in his songs.

Stuart Gunter , Drummer


I worked with Matt as a co-owner of The Blue Room Studios. Matt's attention to detail on finance matters, employee and client relations really helped us navigate the rough waters of the first wave of the digital revolution. Matt's hard working ethics in the recording studio environment always went over well with his rock star clientele. Not to mention being a great audio engineer and producer!

Todd Tate , Co-Founder

Independent Music Conference

Matt Singleton is awesome, he's friendly, accessible, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. He's got integrity and he's reliable. As an instructor at our Independent Music Conference, Matt brought a great deal of value to the event and our attendees were very pleased with his workshops. I'm very proud to know and work with him.

Noel Ramos , Founder


I received a Master Certificate in Songwriting and Guitar from Berklee College of Music, and was winner of the Tom Snow Songwriting scholarship in Spring of 2005. I also completed course work in Songwriting for Film & Television. I am well versed in song and lyric form and structure, arrangement, melody and harmony, and music theory.


I have been making records since the early '80's. I have produced and recorded tracks for artists both big and small, for major labels and independents. I have worked across diverse genres, from Country & Americana, to Rock and Heavy Metal, to Rap, Jazz, and Latin music. I also completed coursework in Production Analysis at Berklee College of Music in the mid- 2000's.


I have been studying guitar for over 40 years. I also can get my way around almost anything with strings, and can perform and arrange keyboard tracks, background vocals, and drum tracks and beats. I consistently deliver instrumental tracks on time and on budget.

Music Producer Matt Singleton

"My goal as a producer is to help the artist find a strong sense of their individual identity and vision, so they can effectively communicate their emotional intent to their audience. Music is my passion, and I try to bring that passion to every project I produce." - Matt Singleton