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SMTM Records Signs Recording Artist Jason Jones


Contact: Matt Singleton (888) 572-9171

SMTM Records Signs Recording Artist Jason Jones

Roots/ Americana artist will be first performer signed to new independent label services group

(Charlottesville, VA) August 1, 2019

SMTM Records, a new independent record label based in Charlottesville, VA has announced the signing of recording artist Jason Jones. Jason is a singer/ songwriter with a strong Roots/ Americana influence. He is currently based in Greer, SC, and was previously based in Richmond, VA. The agreement is dated August 1st, 2019. Jason represents the first new signing of an independent artist on the SMTM label. Previous releases have consisted of legacy artists and back catalog. The first full length release from Jason- “All These Years”- will be released to the public on September 20th, 2019. Advance copies are now available.

The contract is based on a label services business model. In-house producer Matt Singleton led the creation of the record. SMTM will provide branding, digital distribution, and marketing services, while Jason retains the rights to his masters. “The ability to retain control of my copyrights was important to me.” says Jones. “In today’s market, there is really no need for independents to give up those rights. SMTM has been great in partnering with me in a meaningful way, that will bring value to both parties, and create what we hope to be a long lasting partnership.”

The new record will be initially be distributed as a digital-only release via Distrokid, and will be available on all major streaming and download platforms. “We didn’t see the need for physical product at this point. It’s a streaming world now.” says Singleton. “Once we get our marketing campaign in full gear, we will be able to gauge whether the audience exists for an exclusive physical release at some point down the road. Vinyl is a distinct possibility if the market is there.” The same goes for touring. “These days, it is so easy to hyper-target your marketing. Once we start to see where our audience is really strong, we will plan to hit those markets with the live show- it makes no sense to beat your brains out in a van all year if the market is not ready for you.”

For more information:

SMTM Records
1155 Seminole Trail #6068
Charlottesville, VA 22906
(888) 572-9171



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