July 24

New Independent Record Label


Contact: Matt Singleton (888) 572-9171

Producer Matt Singleton to start new independent record label

SMTM Records will provide artist label services, and a unique storefront focused on music, artist merchandise and lifestyle brands

(Charlottesville, VA) July 24, 2019

Music producer Matt Singleton (Train, Storm Large, Valkyrie, Big Fast Car) has founded a new independent record label, SMTM Records. The label is based in Charlottesville, VA. Matt started putting the pieces of SMTM together in early 2019. The company launched in July. The label began as a vehicle to release a large amount of back catalog from earlier productions. Subsequently, it quickly grew into a larger vision, with new artists being produced by Singleton added to the roster almost immediately.

SMTM Records is based on a label services business model, and provides a “one stop shop” for up and coming young recording artists. From production at the in-house studio, to branding, distribution, and marketing, SMTM creates an artist-friendly platform to launch new careers. In addition, Artists will retain ownership of all copyrights. “As a songwriter and recording artist in my own right, I felt it was important to reinforce a current trend in new music industry deals, where the artist has complete control of their catalog from the word go.” says Singleton.

The SMTM Records website will feature a unique storefront that will not only sell music and artist merchandise, but will also offer lifestyle brands from young designers and trend-setters. “I felt in the streaming era, that we had to offer something more than music and band merch” says Singleton. “Most importantly, we want to have a strong offering in the lifestyle category. We feel if we can create a large customer base who are attracted to the clothing designs, logo wear, and brand merchandise, we can create a cross-over effect with the music”.

For more information:

SMTM Records
1155 Seminole Trail #6068
Charlottesville, VA 22906
(888) 572-9171



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