Get the best sounding version of your music finished.


Discover your identity as an artist, and define your narrative


Get your music into the hands (and ears!) of a global market.


Target your most receptive audiences, and grow your tribe.

Create It

If your product is not as good as it can be, you are starting off at a disadvantage. We  have decades worth of experience crafting and producing songs that are  ready to  shine! Especially in today’s diverse market, it is critical to understand delivery requirements across a broad spectrum of end users and stakeholders. Whether it be streaming platforms, sync libraries, or physical product, we have the experience to make sure your product meets or exceeds requirements. Learn more about our Production Services.

Brand It

A consistent brand identity across all marketing channels is critical to success in today’s music industry. We can help you forge a presence that is true to your artistic vision, and creates a narrative that resonates with your target audiences. From your proprietary website, to your social media channels, streaming audio/video platforms, and digital advertising, we can craft the image you want facing front. 

Distribute It

While digital distribution has become widespread and available to all, sometimes revenue streams fall through the cracks. With our strategic partnerships with major digital distribution and rights management platforms, we can help you make sure you are maximizing every potential source of income from your music.

Grow It

We are living in a golden era for independent artists. The availability of digital marketing tools that encompass AI and machine learning to identify and target audiences who will be receptive to your music has leveled the playing field. But the landscape containing those tools changes rapidly. We have invested in resources that allow us to stay on top of the digital music marketing space, and are constantly evolving as the space changes.

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